$200Newborn Mini Session

There are times when it’s just not in your budget to spend the money on pictures. But you also have the extreme want and thought of regret if you miss out on these fleeting moments. So we’ve made a session that can merge those two together so we can get a few photos to remember, without breaking your budget.

Unlike full sessions, minis include the session and digital images all in one fee. So what exactly does our newborn mini session come with?


What's Included________________________________________________________________________
ORBaby OptionFamily Option
Baby Option

Baby option


Baby option includes 2-3 poses of photographer's choice on one blanket (background color). You can make requests for your favorite poses and I will work hard to try those poses first. I will go by baby's cues whether the pose is comfortable for them and if they don't want to settle into it, then I'll go to the next pose. Most babies will do three poses but depending on baby's age, they may only do a couple poses. You'll see even though only three poses are given, angles and accessories yield plenty of various images. Just like with a full posed session, our wide array of accessories are for use. No need to purchase any for your session.


If baby option is chosen


Newborn mini sessions do NOT include prop shots.


Just like with our full posed session, you get the use of our accessories for your session. You will choose one blanket background color and we will pick accessories from our collection that will flow seamlessly with your color pick.
________________________I have a variety of newborn accessories
for use with all my babies. These include
hats, headbands, little lovies, clothes, wraps,
you name it! You are most welcome
to bring items to use on baby that you've bought
yourself, but my collection is for your use so
you don't have to spend money on something
you'll probably never use again.
Most everything displayed on my babies on social
media is my own and for use.
Family Option

Family option


Family option includes limited family shots. We'll shoot a family photo, mommy with baby, daddy with baby, and baby with sibling shots. I'll take various shots with each set of people which will give many different images to choose from.


If family option is chosen


Immediately after your session, we'll look at the unedited images and you will personally get to pick your included 7 digital images. You may find it hard to pick only seven and want more to add. No problem! You can pick up to 5 extra images for an additional cost of $100. This makes a max of 12 images per newborn mini session. Delivery of images varies depending on our current wait list, but usually averages between 1-2 weeks after your session. This typically is much quicker than a full session, which is another bonus when booking a mini session!

We will book tentatively on your due date to ensure you have a spot on my calendar, once baby arrives we will make a definite session date for around baby's 7-13 day of age.
You are welcome to contact me to book after you've had baby, but the chances of a last min schedule is 50/50. Because timing is of the upmost importance for a successful session and
I'm not one to sacrifice quality posing and imaging, I may not be able to schedule you in time. Please don't delay and contact us to book your session BEFORE baby arrives!
When should I book?
noyesDo you shoot newborns on weekends7-13 days oldHow old should baby be for sessionsecond - third trimesterWhen should I book:2-5 hoursHow long does a posed session last:
Prices subject to changeall will incur a sales tax