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There are three ways to book sessions with us. You can book a full single session, a package that includes multiple sessions with products, or a mini session that includes a smaller version of a full session.


Full single sessions are great for families that want to take their time getting lots of photos and variations. You won't have to worry so much with limited time as full sessions can be up to an hour or more depending on the particular session and their time allotment. This is essential for kids who take some time warming up to me and the structure of a photo session. You will pay a session fee first to book, this does not include any products and only covers the time it take for me to shoot, edit and upload your gallery into an online viewing gallery. You will need to purchase digitals, prints, products, etc at a separate cost. We've compiled many choices of items to fit variations of budgets. To get a full understanding of overall cost, check out our "product pricing" tab on our top menu.


Packages are for those who know they want to photograph multiple sessions. We currently have two packages catered to photographing your baby! The best feature of a package is not only the multiple sessions in one price, but also the fact that each session included in the package will include digitals, prints, and products. Initially it would seem you will spend way more this way, but considering multiple sessions and adding products to each sessions, it is wayyyyy more cost effective to book a package. I suggest this to all my clients who absolutely KNOW they will want multiple sessions. It will save a ton of money booking this way. We also offer payment plans on our session packages!


Lastly, our mini sessions are another great option. It includes a session and limited amount of digitals, depending on the mini session. These are great for those who are on a budget and/or just want a few photos to remember this time by, nothing extravagant or time consuming. We offer seasonal minis scattered throughout the year. You can check out our latest offers under "seasonal mini sessions" tab on our top menu. We also offer newborn mini sessions all year round.

For additional details for what to expect from our most booked sessions, check out our "Session Info" guide by clicking the icon.

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