Oh Ava, look at her sleeping so soundly. This girl was just the perfect little model. Those little lips, her little toes, she even gave a little smirk during her shoot. I love those easy sessions where babies seem to relish in the attention of modeling. They curl up into the cutest little poses, they wrap up in the cutest burritos, they fit perfectly in all the props. I mean they make my job easy! Ava was that girl!

She seems to be such a happy baby already from mom’s updates. Do you ever become jealous of babies and their absence of reality? I mean here Ava is, in the most uncertain and crazy time that I myself can remember or comprehend completely and she’s just trucking away. I was standing in line at Wal-Mart, dreaming of scoring a can of Lysol at the service desk when I noticed this toddler staring at me. While she was looking at me with those sweet brown eyes I thought of how scary I must have looked with a mask over a face. I tried to overcompensate smiling so she could see my eyes were friendly behind the mask. I’m probably going to speed up the crow’s feet process doing things like that. But I thought how she looked unconcerned and I thought, honestly she probably knows no different. These 2020 babies are going to grow up thinking this is normal and do better than we are through it all. It really shows you that perspective is truly everything. I think that’s my favorite thing about babies, they teach you all kinds of lessons without even intending to do so.

I think this girl right here does just that. I think we can take away so many lessons from her. She lives without fear of the future. She trusts completely in her parents. She loves with no conditions. I pray we can be more like that, I know I can use a lot more lessons.

I’m so excited those lessons will most likely not end with Ava’s newborn session. I get to see this little girl grow in her first year since she’ll be returning for her milestone sessions. In fact I’m so behind in blogging that her 3 month session is fast approaching!

As always I encourage my parents to jump in on a few shots. I love to see new parents holding their newest family addition. There are such a wide range of parents. From the hover parents who worry about every little hiccup to the laid back parents who really worry about nothing. If I’m being real you can imagine that first time parents are the hover parents, while the multiple kid families are the ones who only worry if there’s blood. Even then they may not worry HAHA! Even though Ava is the first, her parents didn’t seem to be the anxiety stricken parents that most new parents are. Or at least they hid it very well. After Hannah told me she was an elementary teacher, I figured that was the reason for the calm. I’m so serious, I have no idea how you teachers do it with large groups of kids! I’ve had the rare occasion of the run of the room when teaching 4 year olds at church and I’ve lost control within 10 minutes of starting. I mean how do you get a group of kids to be quiet and listen to a lesson???? I need to know your secrets! Leave a comment if you can help a sista out.

I always love the family photos though and can normally tell a lot from the parent’s personality during these shots. I even got to see grandma’s adoration that day. Moms frequently bring their moms to baby’s newborn shoot. They never intentionally bring them for pictures but instead bring them for help and support, but when Hannah told me her mom was coming I talked her into asking her mom to get in a few shots. I know many people do not like pictures, especially woman (myself included) but it’s so stinking special to capture those moments. If you can give a memory to your baby of those in her life for her to see when she grows up, goodness please do it.

Ava, I’m just so tickled that I get to be apart of these memories. I’m excited to see how you’ll change and grow this year. I hope this year gets a little better before your first birthday. Not that it’s interrupting your sleep or anything 😉

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