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Kaylyn | Ruston LA Baby Photographer

Oh guys, it’s been some kind of time. I think anyone would agree that 2020 was not at all what we had expected and with that everyone is having to re-adjust and evaluate the way we do things. That goes for me too. I work on routines and schedules, without them I pretty much can’t function correctly. Well I think we’ve quickly discovered that we might as well burn all our calendars because there ain’t nothing routine these days. To further nail that point in here’s a blog post about a shoot I did near the beginning of August. Yes I know that’s been nearly 2 months ago. You see most people can blog while things are happening all around them. Not so with me, I need complete silence to blog. Well when you have a chatty Cathy for a daughter who works on a hybrid system for school only going 2 days a week all while trying to juggle appointments on those 2 days she’s at school AND keeping up with editing at night…well there is not much quiet time. Her school thankfully started everyday last week since phase 3 started in Louisiana. Although this week was their Fall break. I only had one week to gain momentum in a real routine. But that’s ok, I’m not going to be the negative Nancy. Who needs a house with a Cathy and a Nancy, I’ll tell you who…a Karen and install some security cameras and hire a producer cause you about to make the big bucks. So let’s quit the stalling and let’s get to blogging.

I gotta admit, no matter how cute Kaylyn is in her summer best she can’t be as cute as what she’s gonna be in her fall attire. I can see the hint of pink in her cheeks and instantly remember the beads of sweat that rolled down my back that day. Goodness, those Louisiana summers are brutal, but those Louisiana falls are divine. Even if our fall is only for a month. My sister who lives in Colorado, while her seasons are amazing the winters are frigid if you’re a southern girl at heart. Without fail, she says their first snow always comes around Halloween. Could you imagine trick-or-treating in the snow?!?! What sorcery is that?! They just recently had their first snow of the season. That’s the earliest ever since she’s lived there. It was a phenomenon of sorts because like much of the US, Colorado is also on fire (which is not uncommon for dry climates) and there were fires all around them and yet it was snowing there where they live. I about feel like Louisiana could be on fire in the summertime, but I’m thankful we don’t wrestle with wildfires like our Northern brethren. Many prayers to those who have been affected.

But here are the memories from the summer with Kaylyn. Despite the heat, there are most definitely some positives to summer. I mean the attire is super cute. To overalls and summer hats. The most beautiful blooms spill out from Spring into summer. Birds seem to soak up the sun and come out to play even in high temps. I try my best to not wish away Summer but it’s definitely difficult. I wonder if Kaylyn feels the same? Something tells me she’s not from those ear to ear smiles. Geezzz those big ol’ cheeks are just the cutest! It’s crazy to think in just a month she’ll be one year! These babies grow fast and it seems 2020 is aging us even faster. Until next month, sweet girl! Can’t wait to see that smile again!

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