What better way to pass time with a quarantined pandemic then blogging right?? I kid but seriously, I’m afraid I’m gonna get cabin fever soon. I’m not a sit still kind of person so you can find me most days traveling from here to there doing errands, shoots, eating out, going to a movie, you name it I’m out of the house doing it. So it has been quite different for me and my little girl to stay in. She did not take the news of staying home for a month very well at first, but honestly she’s really made being home easy. I totally get it and am happy to do my part with social distancing.

Oh Leon! I was smitten from the start. He had the most perfect little round face and sweet eyes that were popped wide open at the start. He was a squeeze in baby, meaning mom contacted me for a session when he was already here. I always have hit or miss standards when it comes to last minute bookings, but if I’ve have the availability I’m ready for you to bring that baby down to see me. I’m so glad he was able to squeeze in! Now I admit, I was a little nervous to photograph Leon as he was past the ideal age for a newborn session. But he was within walking distance of that age, so I had no question of trying some posed shots. Like I said he was awake for the first shots of the session. He was also a little fussy being move in different directions, so I opted to give him a tight swaddle in a blanket and place him in a newborn bed for beginning shots. Usually if you’re dealing with a gassy baby, difficult posed, etc…you can almost bet the swaddle is going to save you. Sure enough it didn’t take long for him to settle down and sleep.

I have to be honest and say Leon was a hard poser. It was out of our control with the timing of the session, since he was a squeeze in, I had to push back his session to the following week when mom contacted me. Being past the ideal age for newborn posed sessions is almost guaranteed that it’s going to be a chore. I mean think about it. When you first had your baby, the first few weeks were the easiest with daytime sleep. At least that’s what I remember. If a loud noise would come on, my daughter wouldn’t care one bit and only sleep on. But as she grew she detested sleep and would jump at the smallest sounds and awake. So just imagine that sense of the world around you and someone changing up your positions constantly for a picture. So I foresaw this before we even started, it takes an extra dose of patience to pose but when you’re finished, it’s so rewarding. And boy was it rewarding! He made some of the cutest pictures. I even got a chance to grab a few detail shots.

If you know me, you know I love seasonal sets. I love incorporating a way to show the season and/or holiday that we’re in. So naturally a bunny for Spring was my pick. I’ve had this little bonnet for forever and the carrot was just the right touch. I debated changing the pink ears to blue in Photoshop, but I thought that would be a little weird for the inside of rabbit ears. It really turned out sweet.

Thanks so much for coming to see me Leon, I hope one day when you grow up, you’ll be able to enjoy seeing these with your family.

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