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Ya’ll when I say summer is hard on me, I mean I feel it in every muscle and mental state of my entire self. To keep up with editing, which only can be done at night because I’m mothering during the day, I put many things on the back burner business wise. I know my clients would much rather their photos in a timely manner than read my ramblings on a blog. Let’s face it, my blog posts seem like post it notes on a computer screen. Random and all over the place. I can’t help it, I am who I am. But one thing about blogs that I love is posting more of my favorite photos from a session without bogging down my Facebook with photos everyday. Tucker here had plenty of good photos to choose from. He posed so well and was such a sweet little guy.

Tucker is the newest little brother to his big brother Hayes. I got to take Hayes’ cakemash pictures when he was one and at first I didn’t think they didn’t favor much but after editing his photos, I could definitely tell they were brothers! I always think how fun it would be to have 2 kids of the same gender. I mean a lot of people love one of each to have the best of both worlds, but it seems to me that siblings that are both boys or girls would enjoy some of the same things and become super fun friends. What I’ve heard a lot of instead is “they fight all the time”. But every now and again I hear how they want to be with each other all the time. I think that’s the perspective we envision when we try for #2, a best friend for each other. I’m too terrified to find out and try for #2 myself, but if I could guarantee a BFF for my daughter, I might sit back and actually contemplate that. But honestly from seeing Hayes at Tucker’s session, he seems to be a good and gentle big brother and I think he’ll be soft on the little guy. Meanwhile I’m still here having nightmares of my sisters tying me to a chair and leaving me outside to torture me. Gotta love being the last kid of the bunch.

One thing I’ve always loved about Megan (Tucker’s momma) is that she is very sentimental. Being this type of person myself, I really love personal items that are incorporated in baby’s pictures. Some things can be a challenge to place with baby, but it’s a fun endeavor to try to find the best place. The first item we used was a necklace which is in the first set of pictures all the way to the left. It was definitely a special item since it was written by his great grandfather who he was named after. Megan hated to leave the other grandfather out so she included a few other items like a toy horse from his grandfather, a teddy bear made from his other grandfather’s shirt, and also a different necklace that has yet another grandfather’s handwriting. I’m so loving the handwritten necklaces and have already started searching vendors who offer this to have one made for myself. I mean what a great keepsake!

Tucker is definitely surrounded by many people that love him, some he will never meet this side of life, but with items come stories. With stories come memories. With memories come a little bit of what they left behind and that little taste gives us just a bit of what they were like and it’s like in some ways we’ve already met them. I’m thankful we don’t have to mourn for those we’ve lost for very long. The gift of Heaven is the greatest and most impossible gift God could’ve ever given us. I look forward to finally meeting those I’ve only heard stories about. What a beautiful place Heaven will be.

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